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Training at YoungerMeMD begins with the foundation of Primary Care medicine, learning and understanding the whole body, along with treating disease. While traditional medicine is centered around fighting an incoming tide of patients with established disease, Dr. Varano and staff focus on the prevention of disease before it is detected. Dr. Varano and his staff use the science, biochemistry, and physiology of the body to take a truly integrative approach. Another important factor is understanding metabolism and where the disruptions are within the metabolism. This shifts the paradigm from sick care to wellness care through integrative therapy and functional medicine, and generally provides patients with a unique and successful outcome.

Dr. Varano has over fifteen years of extensive training in multiple anti-aging approaches, studying what causes aging, and what happens in the body as it starts to age. He is also Board Certified in Family Practice and did primary care for over 20 years. His current passion is in the Cardiac field, but he is a true jack of all trades when it comes to gracefully aging. He began training with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and advanced to become a Fellowship educator to his peers. In addition, Dr. Varano has participated with the Institute of Functional Medicine and continues to pursue advanced therapies to remain aware of the changing Anti-Aging landscape. He is diligent in pursuing the latest medical technologies with his main goal of seeing his patients thrive.

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