Pellet Therapy, what is it?

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Pellet Therapy is believed to be the most physiologic and stable way to deliver hormones to both women and men. Each pellet we order for procedures is crafted with only 100% bioidentical hormones, including NO additives, fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Generally, we use testosterone pellets although, estrogen pellets are used in select women. Pellets themselves are about the size of a cooked grain of rice. During the pellet procedure, a small incision is created in the skin around the upper buttock area where the pellets are then placed under the skin. The pellets then have a slow natural release over a 3–4-month time period. As the pellets dissolve over time, there is very little for the patient to worry about. Physiologically speaking, the pellets work with the body as well. Rejection rates are very rare in all the thousands of successful pellet procedures that have been performed.

Occasionally, if the patient’s testosterone levels are lower, their body may pull from the pellets faster to maintain balance. In turn, if testosterone levels are just under normal, the body will pull from the pellets at a slower pace. Because of these aspects, Dr. Varano and his clinical staff, continue to evaluate the dosing through testing and adjust dependent on how each patient metabolizes their pellets. This is why there is a range of when patients return for additional pellets.  Truly, this is the most effective method to administer testosterone.

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