What are my treatment options?

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Treatment options are always customized per the patient, however when it comes to testosterone replacement, pellets are the far superior form because of their ease of use. With pellet therapy, patients have very little concern. The procedure is easier than any dental visit someone would typically have.  With the set it, and forget it approach, patients come to our office every 3-4 months. This allows for the patient not to have to worry and the medication is evenly dispersed over the course of weeks.

YoungerMeMD also offers injections for testosterone and peptide therapy. Another highly accessible route is an estrogen patch. Creams are also an option but, at times may be less effective due to the need for physical application and the oil/water retention affecting the absorption of the cream. This can create a fluctuation in hormone levels, depending on how much or how little cream is absorbed at a time. This varies from patient to patient. There is also a concern for potentially transferring creams to those you may be in contact with. Ultimately, IF creams are used it is typically in women and, they are directed to be applied at certain times throughout the day to avoid transmission.

The overall approach for delivery systems are: pellet procedure, tablets, capsules, patches, injections, or to a lesser extent…creams. This is something that is discussed at length between the patient and provider. Patients are given the option to select what may work best within the recommendations.

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