What is the Difference Between Bioidentical and Synthetic Hormones?

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Bioidentical hormones are identical to the hormones that are produced within your own body. They are considered synthesized because they are produced using plant-based natural ingredients as opposed to simply occurring within your body. The difference between bioidentical hormones compared to hormones produced by pharmaceutical companies, is that those company options are usually “biosimilar” utilizing chemical compounds vs. “bioidentical” using plant-based compounds.

Dr. Varano often uses color in differentiating between bioidentical and biosimilar hormones. For example, most individuals are aware of the color yellow but there are many different variations of this color such as pastels and muted versions. When it comes to your body, it recognizes the bioidentical hormones most easily because they are interchangeable. Whereas, if you take biosimilar hormones, produced synthetically by a pharmaceutical company, it may produce some of the same effects that your naturally occurring hormones would. However, many times negative effects can also occur such as increased heart attack rate or cancer risk.

While biosimilar hormones may accomplish a purpose, they are not at all equivalent or superior to the naturally produced hormones occurring within our bodies. Bioidentical is best!

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