Why am I Suffering from Low "T"?

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The Need for Testosterone Replacement in Men.

As men age, their testosterone slowly declines, and they begin to see physical changes. When men are younger, they maintain muscle mass well.  As they age, the muscle mass begins to deteriorate and become replaced with fat, specifically in the stomach area. Fatigue, low libido, less motivation and energy are also signs of decreased testosterone in men. The implementation of testosterone replacement therapy allows for a revamp in vitality and vibrance in life for men. An enhancement in sex drive and sexual performance, energy, mental clarity, and the improvement of levels such as cholesterol and blood sugar are all additions that often occur with the help of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). From the golf course, to the gym, to the board room, to relationships with family- so many areas of live can improve.

Generally, if lab values are in the proper range and no symptoms are being experienced, testosterone is not necessary and will not be prescribed. But, in most aging men, testosterone levels such as T Free and T Total begin to decrease, and symptoms become present. In this case, Dr. Varano may consider testosterone replacement.

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