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PRP for Hair Restoration in Philadelphia

Published July 9, 2015

Hair Restoration with PRP Therapy 


Thinning hair and loss of hair is not uncommon in people age late 40s and older. Many people try various shampoos and conditioners and other hair products to thicken their hair or prevent hair loss. Some also take various supplements. These products produce little to no results. Here at YoungerMeMD, we have an effective solution for regaining your hair and/or preventing further hair loss. Our hair restoration therapy utilizes platelet rich plasma — PRP.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical solution for hair restoration. PRP contains numerous Growth Factors which repairs and remodels damaged tissue.

The best candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration are looking for a way to prevent more hair loss, and are currently experiencing numerous areas of “miniaturized” hair.

Causes for hair loss, which may be treated with PRP, include:

How does PRP For Hair Restoration Work?

First, a small amount of blood is drawn from your arm. Then, the blood is centrifuged in an FDA approved centrifuge, which separates the Platelet Rich Plasma from the red blood cells. A topical anesthetic numbing cream is then applied to the areas to be treated.

For hair restoration, PRP is injected via a series of injections over the full scalp or in localized areas of the scalp depending on the patient’s need. These injections cause miniaturized hair follicles to become larger and healthier, which produces more robust hair growth. The Growth Factors in PRP promote rapid angiogenesis and localized cell growth by activating follicular progenitor cells (adult stem cells).

This is an innovative technique utilizing your own platelets. Your blood is comprised of white blood cells, red blood cells, plasma and platelets. Platelets play a key role in healing when your body suffers a wound of any kind. They accelerate tissue repair – spurring new cell growth. PRP has been used for decades in Europe, and is now readily available here in the United States. It involves a small blood draw, and the blood is then placed into a special centrifuge that separates out your platelets. Please note that prior to any procedure involving PRP, testing is done to determine the health of your blood and platelets. A CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) and CBC (Complete Blood Count) test will be the first step. Note that if you have had these tests in the last 12 months, we can use them.

When the concentrated plasma is placed into the scalp, the new cell growth supports the hair follicle. PRP treatments can also improve those patients with transplanted hair grafts. Think of the PRP as fertilizer for growth of the hair. The injections are not painful, and the process takes just 60 to 90 minutes. A topical cream is applied to numb the area. This therapy is typically done for thinning hair and bald spots. It is not to treat large areas or the whole head. However, larger bald or thinning areas could potentially be treated with a series of visits.

Is PRP Hair Restoration Painful?

Our patients have reported very minimal pain during and after the procedure. Pain can easily be managed with non-narcotic over-the-counter analgesic medication such as Ibuprofen. Patients may occasionally experience mild swelling of the forehead usually within 4-6 hours after the PRP procedure. Mild swelling is normal and resolves with about 48 hours. Until the swelling is gone, we recommend our patients avoid vigorous activities. With this procedure, there is no downtime. Normal washing of the hair can take place immediately after the injections.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

In most patients, new hair growth can be seen in as little as two months, but is typically more visible between 5-8 months and continues to improve up to one year after treatment. Some patients may require multiple treatments to achieve desired results.

Hair restoration is provided for both men and women. An initial, free consultation will allow us to see your hair and type of condition. We will thoroughly discuss the procedure with you and let you know what type of results you can expect. Dr. Kenneth Varano and his team will make you feel at ease when you come in, and will answer all of your questions. Dr. Varano is highly experienced and knowledgeable in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and all aspects of anti-aging. We understand that your hair is important to your appearance, and will do our very best to give you the results that you seek. Contact YoungerMeMD today to schedule your first consultation.

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  • “I am enjoying the comments I have received from various people saying, "You look good!" or "You look better than when I saw you years ago!" or "Wow!  Do you workout a lot?"  So nice." -Eric A. *Results not typical. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider before making any changes to your healthcare regimen. See…Read More
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  • I feel amazing and owe my life to Dr. Varano. Just an incredible feeling! I have no more stomach issues, no joint pain. My friends even noticed when we were out how happy and youthful I seemed! I cannot begin to thank him for such a transformation!"- Judith B. *Results not typical. Always seek the advice of your physician or…Read More
  • My face looks incredible after the vampire facial!!! Thank you so much. I can't wait to tell everyone about it. My husband even noticed this morning.” - Jill P. *Results not typical. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider before making any changes to your healthcare regimen. See our Full Disclaimer.Read More


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