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Men may not experience a dramatic change in hormones similar to menopause, but their hormones do change as they get older, with testosterone levels naturally declining every year after the age of 30. At YoungerMeMD, Kenneth Varano, DO, specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a safe and highly effective treatment for men who want to reverse symptoms such as muscle loss and erectile dysfunction. To learn more about low testosterone, call the office in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, or schedule an appointment online.

Men's Health Q & A

How do hormone imbalances affect men’s health?

Most men don’t realize that their levels of testosterone naturally go down as they get older. Beginning around the age of 30, men’s testosterone levels drop by as much as 2% every year. As your levels of testosterone fall, you may experience:

  • Loss of sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Diminished muscle strength
  • Weight gain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Thinning or loss of beard and body hair
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Development of breast tissue

In addition to age-related testosterone deficiency, called andropause, some men develop hypogonadism. Hypogonadism causes low testosterone due to a problem with hormone production in your testicles.

How is low testosterone treated?

Low testosterone is treated by restoring your hormone levels back to normal. Dr. Varano specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones that have the same molecular structure as your natural testosterone. As a result, bioidentical hormones produce the same effect in your body without risk of side effects. When you restore normal hormone levels, the problems and symptoms caused by low testosterone are reversed.

Before you receive bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr. Varano runs blood work to determine your current hormone levels. Then your replacement therapy is custom made to contain the exact dose you need.

Bioidentical hormones come in tiny pellets that Dr. Varano implants under your skin. The pellet releases the hormone, maintaining normal levels of testosterone for 4-5 months. You don’t need to worry about taking pills or rubbing cream on your skin. You only need to return every few months so Dr. Varano can check your hormone levels and implant a new pellet.

If you have symptoms of low testosterone, call YoungerMeMD or schedule an appointment online.