What are some benefits of hormones therapy and how do you treat patients with hormonal imbalances?

Hormones are integral in helping us feel balanced, well, and able to overcome challenges throughout our lifetime. Different hormones have different effects on our body. One example is cortisol, the primary stress hormone or catabolic hormone that can tear energy and a patient’s mood down if it is too high. In addition, your catabolic hormones must be balanced with your anabolic hormones. Example of those hormones include: Testosterone, DHEA, and growth hormone. This allows our body to function properly. Often, when our bodies are out of balance we feel worn down, finding difficulty in dealing with day-to-day endeavors.

Treatment begins with a thorough assessment of the patient via a combination or urine and/ or blood serum values reviewed. Dr. Varano focuses on the chief concerns of the patient and uses that as a baseline start to create his goals. He gains insight into what exactly may be taking place within the body through subjective and objective approaches, and intuitively listens to the needs of the patient. Sometimes “triggering events” such as aging, prolonged stress, previous health complications, poor diet, nutrition, and/or sleep may be the cause of such effects within the body. Ultimately, Dr. Varano and his supporting providers aim to view all of these aspects in conjunction with one another and what is presently taking place within a patient’s life. He coaches on how to mitigate stress and provides clinical grade supplements. Proper Treatment regimens often include bioidentical hormone, therapy, assessing health living patterns, nutrition, socialization, and overall wellbeing. All of these treatment options have the potential to introduce an opportunity for simpler, happier, and healthier living.

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