What can I expect after using bioidentical hormones? What kind of results can occur?

Patients typically leave YoungerMeMD feeling relieved and validated after Dr. Varano has explained why they have been feeling unwell for so long. Patients often come to our office because they have tried the traditional approach and are told by that physician, “nothing is wrong with you clinically,” “maybe you should try an anti-depressant,” or “this is typical in the aging process.” Some of the common responses that Dr. Varano and his provider team receive from patients after as little as 3 months on therapy is: “I have gotten my life back” and “I don’t know how people went through these changes in the past as they can at times feel unbearable.”

They feel vindicated in knowing that they are not “going crazy”, after being told by several different doctors that nothing is wrong with them. The objective at YoungerMeMD is to revert back to a period of time when the patient felt much more well.  Men tend to feel vital again with improved energy, stamina, confidence, and a more positive outlook on life. Women too, find improved energy, drive, and feel more balanced. The benefits create a ripple effect that extends into their personal, social, and professional lives. This is what keeps patients continuing on the journey. The number of success stories and testimonials are rewarding!

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